Thursday, June 15, 2023
13:30 - 15:00

Mobile Offshore Renewables Units: Examining the Need for Unification of Maritime Law

Venue: Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, Ballroom, Level 4

Around the world, states are producing electrical power in their territorial seas from a variety of offshore renewable energy resources. From traditional wind turbine generators mounted on fixed- bottom foundations, newer and more advantageous technology is beginning to emerge in the form of non-fixed, floating offshore renewable energy technologies. These floating technologies generate electrical power not only from the wind, but also waves, tides, the sun and differences in ocean water temperatures – mobile offshore renewables units (MORUs). They could produce power directly or produce power for more traditional oil and gas producing installations. Because of their mobility and adaptability to a variety of conditions MORUs possess a number of potential territorial, technological, economic advantages over fixed-bottom and onshore renewable energy technologies and are set to grow in number. What is the legal nature of MORUs and does their internationally mobile characteristic suggest that they should be treated more as ships or watercraft than as installations? Might there be a need for unification of law in this respect? Join us as we explore the new frontiers of maritime law.